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About a week ago I got brave & uploaded one of my maternity photos, that my sister took of me, to Pinterest. To my surprise, it took off with a bunch of re-pins. As of right now it's sitting pretty with 309 re-pins! Wow! It's so neat to sit back and watch how fast it happens. I keep sending messages to my sister with updates on the re-pin count. :P

Here is the photo: 
Here is the link to it on Pinterest:

I have another one that is close to 200 re-pins:
The link to this one is here:

Anyone else upload a photo of their own & have this happen? What did you upload?

Update 1/15/14: the photo has now reached 400 repins! :)
Update 1/20/14: the photo now has 912 repins!
Update 11/10/14: the photo now has 3,019 repins. :)

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