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Did someone say Etsy??

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First off, sorry for totally abandoning my blog - I've been pretty busy lately, though it will only get busier from here! :P

Summer time is very busy for me, lots of birthdays and holidays that are special to us. And this summer is my 10 year high school reunion that I am involved in planning! Busy busy! :)

To add to it all, I've decided to open my own Etsy account! Call me crazy, but I'm excited. I love creating paper party decorations, especially for my kiddos, so I've decided to sell them too. If you are in the market for some party decorations, check out my Etsy shop! It's just in the beginnings of it all, so there's not a whole lot of inventory, but I have a lot of ideas and am open to any and all ideas you may have! Just let me know what you are in the market for, and I will be more than happy to work with you on creating something special, just for you!! :)

You can find me under: DezPartyCreations
or at this direct link:

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