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DIY wooden sign - Thankful *link to Cut File*

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Just one week until Thanksgiving. I sure do love this time of year. Lots of fun memories made and loads of craftiness going on. ;)

A couple of weeks ago I made a wooden sign that turned out a millions times better than I ever thought it would have. Best part? It was easy. EASY. Heck yeah! That's my kind of craft! ;)

So what do you think???? Do you like it? I sure do. 
I actually had the wood sitting in my garage for a while, my dad gave it to me for sign making. I knew it would come in handy one day! ;) Does anyone else hoard craft objects too? No? Just me? Hehe! I'm sure I'm not alone. ;) Any way! So I stained that bad boy with Polyshades stain & Polyurethane - Bombay Mahogany Gloss.  Then I did a light sanding around the edges of the wood to give it a distressed look. I made a stencil with the Silhouette Cameo design studio software. Cut it out with vinyl (651) then applied to to the wood where I wanted it to be. I then painted a thin layer of mod podge over the stencil to seal it a bit more. Once that was dry, I painted over it with my light daffodil yellow acrylic paint. Then pulled off the vinyl stencil right away. And viola! It was (is) beautiful! Love love love it! And of course I hot glued on the canvas flowers and lace ribbon to it to finish of the look.

Love this font? So do I!!!! It's one of my all-time favorites. It's called 'Isabella'. You can find it HERE
Don't feel like purchasing the entire font? Good news! I created a cut file of this exact 'thankful' word for all of the cut machine maniacs out there! ;) You can find it HERE.

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